Press Release script help you create a website that hosts articles and other easily customizable content. Present your sites visitors with ads alongside the articles to generate an income. Create a site that accommodates your visitors needs with a content that they'll be interested in and create a place for authors to write and publish their material for other to read. The script comes with a user-friendly text customization options and an easy content creation process. Your publishers and site visitors will be grateful for a place where they can engage in their areas of interests.

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Press Release Script includes many features such as:


Adsense & affiliates earnings

You Can Make Money With Google AdSense or any other ad, affiliate program of your choice. Simply insert your ad code in the admin panel and get going! Multiple display positions through out the site are available to choose from.

Make a «Paid» Press Release website

You can read more about this feature here.

Easy to work with

With a powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, create and edit content with a professional touch within minutes, without worrying about coding or having to use a third party FTP client.

No knowledge of HTML or XML required!

You do not need to have any expertise in markup or programming languages to create content with Press Releases script. Everything is done through a point-and-click interface.

Web developers can re-brand & market

We offer our clients a simple, powerful and affordable web content management solution to run their own press release web site. What we mean by "Web developers can re-brand & market" is that you can re-brand and market this script as your own solution, with your own pricing.

Total workflow management

Allow your content contributors to add drafted, non-visible Press Releases drafts to the site. That gets published only after an approval.

It has everything!

Press Releases script is loaded with everything that is required to build, manage and edit a content driven web site. Including a powerful administration control panel, multi-user support and much more!

Updates anytime, anywhere

Eliminate the roadblocks in the way of organizing and applying changes to your site. All you need is to login through a browser and update content from office, home, laptop, or while on the go.

Flexible panel-driven layout

Press Releases script is 100% template driven; it takes literally 30 seconds to rearrange any page on the site, like the home page or «View Press Release» page.

Product screenshots:

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Product Demo:

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visit pressreleasescript.comorder press release script